Behind Lake Tarleton – Piermont

There’s a road that’s been calling my name for a long time and I finally had the opportunity to explore it on a clear, cool, snowless March Saturday – perfect for cellar holing.  It’s the road just above what is labeled as Great Pond in Piermont NH.  Today this is known as Lake Tarleton, named … Continue reading Behind Lake Tarleton – Piermont

Revealing Charleston

In my first blog, I shared how an abandoned road once led to a neighborhood known as Charleston. My next blog shared how  I learned that Charleston was much more than the three entries on the 1860 map: J&J Webster, E. Day, and J. Goodrich.  I learned of the Lund Family cemetery and found its … Continue reading Revealing Charleston

Uncovering Charleston

In an earlier post I explored an old road behind Lake Tarleton and found a few cellar holes.  A little further research identified this as the “old Charleston road”.  Little did I know that I would soon be drawn deeper and deeper into this old community. Continuing my earlier quest, I finished following the entire … Continue reading Uncovering Charleston